5 Common Faulty Codes for mercedes benz temic vgs 722.8

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What difference between mercedes benz temic vgs 722.8 and temic vgs 722.8?
How much does mercedes benz temic vgs 722.8 reparatie?
Where can mercedes benz temic vgs 722.8 reparieren?
When mercedes benz temic vgs 722.8 repairs has problems,it should be sent to a professional garage immediately to avoid safety concerns.


Most transmission like dsg 7 dq200 has common problems which you can shoot them earlier when you recognize the error codes.

Error Codes to Tell You 5 Common Transmission Problems
<1> Faulty Code P0613
Poor connection inside the transmission or shorted wire to cause transmission system miscommunication

<2> Faulty Code P0706
Show you the performance of sensor circuit and the vehicle is positioned in which gear.

<3> Faulty Code P0218
The transmission temperature is too high which could be caused by the low fluid inside transmission.

<4> Error Code P0700
#4. Transmission Control Module Malfunction: Error Code P0700
MIL Alert! TCM is responsible for collecting vehicle data and give computer instruction. When P0700 occurs, it means something wrong with Transmission Control System.

<5> Faulty Code P0614
P0614 shows up very often after the TCM is just replaced. The new TCM, transmission control module, has problem connunicating with vehicle. Reprogrammed service is required.

Remote Programming Online Service
Followed error code P0614 discussion, reprogrammed situation happens often. Especially now Audi has Anti-theft & Immobilizer Function to effective deterrence unauthorized coding.
This is a nightmare can't get rid off for many used car owners. So HJL Autoparts cooperates with our repair shops across boarder to help these car owners. As long as repair shops equipped with VAS 5054 or ODIS system, we can do the remote coding service online.

dsg 7 dg200 gearbox electronics

<Our team tried to set up connection with repair shop program system>


<UK Repair shop under our coding process>

Take autoshop from Australia as example, Audi 0CW required unlock prior TCM installation. So mechanics sets the ODIS connecting to vehicle and our technical laptop. Mechanics can communicating over the What'sapp or any communication app. It will take around 30-50mins to run the whole process if internet is stable.

We also encountered longer time battle like 1-2 weeks as internet not stable to cause connection problem or new TCU just can't be accepted with vehicle. Thanks to the patience & persistence of both repair shops and our technical team, trouble shot eventually.

Problem happens, the points is if You have professional team to help You! 


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