Top 8 Signs to Tell Your Transmission System is Failing

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Automation Transmission is an epochal design to bring us brand new driving experience and countless convenience.
This design is not only revolutionary but complicated.
If we don't look after it well, it will cost you thousands for repairing.
Check myself experience story, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HONDA ACCORD LINEAR SOLENOID to see how much money i spent for my Honda Accord 2000.

So get to know how to maintain the transmission system will definitely longer its life and better its performance.

Top 8 Signs Why Your Transmission System is Failing

1. Transmission not swift but go to lower gear
Very high possibility is your Transmission fluid is leaking.
Insufficient fluid pressure leads the gears can't swift to correct position.
Another possibility is the bad ignition coils and this problem can be solved easily. Just to replace that faulty coil.
 Changing Ignition Coils to fix Misfire Problem with code P0301


2. Missing gears or delayed shifts
Again, low transmission fluid condition is the main cause.
This situation may create an overheating condition and damage the parts.
Another reason could be the bad engine computer failing to shift gears properly.


3. Engine is revving high
The low level transmission fluid normally is the main cause.
If transmission is contaminated with water intrusion or lack of maintenance, the parts inside transmission will start to have internal wearing.
Very typical sign is a high revving engine to tell you that clutches or other parts are wearing.


4. Leaking Transmission Fluid
As we just mentioned, the leaking transmission fluid will cause malfunction gear problems.
Very likely you will see the red fluid which is leaking from cooler lines, gasket, or seal, under your vehicle.
Use dipstick regularly to check the fluid level and make sure the fluid is sufficient. 
Check out our dipstick collection!!

Not all transmission fluid is red color, but you will know what i mean when you see the fluid stain on the ground under your car.

"No need to replace the ATF under the normal driving condition" is a myth and will harm your transmission system.
Regularly change ATF 60,000-80,000 miles will definitely longer your transmission life.
(Love your car? 4 things you don't do to your car transmission)


5. If Car Has no Power
If the engine is running well but you feel the vehicle has very little power, it could be the brakes dragging due to bad caliper or brake hose.
Or the car computer detects some errors and limits the power to protect the engine.
The best way is to diagnose the vehicle and isolate the problems according to the error codes.


6. Burning Smell Appears
The fluid leak or low fluid level is the main cause.
Low fluid may cause clutches the burning smell.
If you can sort out the problem as early as possible, you can prevent transmission from damage.
Once again, use transmission dipstick per the manufacturer's manual instruction for checking and maintenance.


7. Humming & Buzzing noise
Watch out!
The bearing or planetary gear may have problems if you hear the humming or clicking sound.
But if the sound is like buzzing, very likely is the internal sealing surface going out.

8. CEL or Over Drive Light is On
As we always mentioned, whenever CEL (Check Engine Light) is on, your car is telling you he is not feeling well.
Contact your auto repair shops as early as you can, you can save minor problems from getting worse and losing big money!


In 8 common symptoms, nearly 5-6 symptoms has exact the same cause, the Low Transmission Fluid.

Smart you know what you should do now to maintain the transmission.
In previous discussion, we talked about 4 things you can protect the transmission from damage.  Love your car? 4 things you don't do to your car transmission

Check them out and leave comments to let us know your own experience and story!



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