Common reasons cause variable valve timing problems Error Code P2646 in Your Car

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When the check engine light is on and error code is P2646, engine is telling you that it's time to check variable valve timing system.

Common problems to cause variable valve timing failed
1. Oil leaking or not enough engine oil nor oil pressure
Oil leaking will lead the pressure be low and not enough to drive the system.
Periodically oil change will make sure the variable valve timing goes right.

2. Solenoid Control Valve is dirty
Take off the solenoid valve and clean the valve body then bolt the valve back in.

3. Filter Screen is clogged out
Same, make sure the clean of the filter.

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Sometimes it's just slight problem like dirty oil clogged up the system so just change the clean oil can shoot the problem.

i-VTEC system use oil pressure to activate variable cams so if pressure is too low, the system can't run top to the cams. Error codes then be triggered and car will run poorly. The car may shut itself down once engine go over 3,000 rpm.

Also make sure the solenoid is clean so it can adjust oil pressure properly.
It also could be filter screen clogged out so please change it to the new one.




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