Changing Ignition Coils to fix Misfire Problem with code P0301

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What caused engine misfire and why ignition misfire repair is expensive?
What am I supposed to do when the ignition coils misfire?
How do you change ignition parts and ignition coil?
What is fiat p0301 and p0301 opel?
How can you tell that a bad ignition coil will cause a misfire?
How much does a cylinder 1 misfire repair cost?

What to Do When Engine Has Misfire
Several reasons can cause car misfire,
1. Bad Spark Plug
2. Bad Ignition Coil
3. Leak Manifold Gasket or Head Gasket
4. Faulty Fuel Injection

Always plug the Scan Tool into the scan port to diagnose the code for Check Engine Light signal, if you have handy scanner. Take example if today we got Code P0301, which means misfire problem happened on Cylinder 1. If lucky, we can sort out the problem with the easiest way by checking the Coils or Sparks.

First, take off the cover to get Coil No. 1 off and swap it with the 4th Coil. By switching these 2 coils positions, we will see if any changes of error Code. If now we got the error code P0304, as we wished, means the coil No. 1 is broken. So luckily we can shoot the problem with replacing it. Remove broken coil, get brand new one, snap it into No. 1 place and all is done!


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