Jaguar Timing Chain Kit Broke & Jaguar timing chain tensioner replacement cost

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Jaguar xj8 timing chain tensioner problems

jaguar xj8 engine 2011 timing chain
In addition to XJ8, XFR, XJR, F-type, and land rover ranger rover are also equipped with this timing chain. 
<Jaguar XJ8, AJ810445, ranger rover timing chain kit>

It is suspected that,
1. Timing tensioner & tensioner rails fail to give proper pressure and regulation to the chain.
Some mechanics assumed the different material of tensioner and guide may be the reason to cause the wear of tensioner and guides.

2. Excessive wear with gears causes slack chain.
The chain slacks and wears after a period of time then snap sometimes. Driver will hear noise from the loose timing chain which wore from excessive wear against chain sprockets. If completely fails, it may cause the camshaft & crankshaft fail to synchronize and stalling circumstance occurs. In worse situation, valves and pistons may slam into each other.

Jaguar xk8 Timing Chain Replacement cost
The jaguar timing chain replacement cost is around USD1,500 to USD2,500 depends on the severity. Since 2011, Jaguar Land Rover have started to do modification toward the primary chain, tensioner, guide & rail, gear & sprockets one by one to prevent sever engine problem. In our opinions, there is no such "maintenance-free" nor "life-time" timing chain in the world. If automakers fail to design durable parts in the beginning, we better pay more attention on Maintenance even more regularly. Learn how to longer your car life by maintain it periodically is most practical way!

If you come to timing chain replacement stage, replace them all!
Don't hesitate & don't doubt it.


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