dq200 7 speed dsg gearbox problems & 0am automatic gearbox urgent recall in 2019

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How much oil goes in 7 speed DSG and dsg 7 dq200?
How to solve 7 speed dsg gearbox problems and dsg gearbox problems?
What is the difference between dq200 gearbox and dsg gearbox?
Where can resolve volkswagen 7 speed dsg problems?
How often should I do 7 speed dsg gearbox review?
What happen in my dsg transmission problems?

The DQ200 DSG Gearbox 0AM 2nd Urgent Recall 

The 2nd big batch DSG gearbox DQ200 dry dual-clutch just announced 2 months ago. Approximately affected 80,000 vehicles 62,000 Volkswagens, 14,000 Audis and 4500 Skodas.

Affected dsg transmission included below VW Models,
Volkswagen Golf, Polo, Jetta, Beetle, Passat and Caddy, Skoda Fabia, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti and Superb between 2009 to 2015.
Audi A1 (2011 to 2016), Audi A3 (2008 to 2016) and Audi TT (2012 to 2016)

Potential Faulty Problems & Reasons
1. Power loss
2. Limp Home Mode symptom occurs


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DSG Direct-Shift-Gearbox

Volkswagen Group developed this DSG, the Direct-Shift-Gearbox, dual-clutch automatic transmission system, for its 7-speed dq200 0am transmission in 2008.

DSG design was derived from Porsche in-house development in 1982.
The OE no. 0am927769d is then widely used in latest Golf, Polo Mk5, and the new SEAT Ibiza, the small front-wheel-drive cars.

Advantages of DSG
1. Better fuel economy
Up to 15% improvement than conventional planetary geared automatic transmission. (as lower parasitic losses from oil churning and for some models with manual transmissions)

2. No loss of torque transmission from engine to the driving wheels during gear shifts
Short up-shift time of 8 milliseconds when shifting to a gear the alternate gear shaft has preselected so got more smooth gear-shift operations.

3. Consistent down-shift time of 600 milliseconds, regardless of throttle or operational mode

Many mechanics suspect that "pressure accumulator housing" is the major component to cause a oil pressure loss in the hydraulic system.
Without proper hydraulic dsg transmission fluid pressure, the insufficient power interrupts the gearbox function.
Limp-home mode appears and then vehicle stops.
Visual warning will signal to show limp home mode and the car can't be re-started once ignition is switched off.

The pressure accumulator housing is well known fragile and there are 2 common problems to this unit,

pressure accumulation housing DQ200 DSG
1. Depressurization of accumulator due to the lock ring damage.

2. Housing body break & crack

dg200 pressure accumulation housing  

pressure accumulation housing        pressure accumulation housing with smooth finish surface


If above problems occur, error code P17BF will show indicating accumulation housing may break.
DSG gear box DQ200, the dry clutch, may require replacement both the accumulator housing and DSG Mechatronics unit.

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