Tips You Have to Know About Removing the Spark Plugs

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I used to keep my eyes on my love car maintenance schedule because I know I'm not that professional than mechanics.

I like to discover the tips to take good care of my car.
I enjoy the basic jobs like oil checking, water adding, and tyre pressure evaluating.
Once i get used to these jobs and turn them into the habits, I start to searching more complicated tips to maintain my car.

OK, OK, I know some of you are the experts and you may think these are not big deal.
But I do think it's a beautiful pursuit for anyone who is willing to learn from knowing nothing.

So, today I would like to talk about the spark plug maintenance.
(Don't laugh at me if you think this is too easy, I look forward to hearing from you about the priceless experience)

How Often Should You Replace Spark Plugs
In intervals of 20,000 to 40,000 miles, we're recommended to replace the spark plugs.
More specific, we shall refer to the car owner manual for the frequency.

If your user manual doesn't mention about it, you shall pay attention on the failing signs or gauge it with the "Spark Plug Gapper" .

The spark plugs may look dirty, as it signals you that you have too much carbon deposits or oil leak.

spark plug gapper handy tool HJL autoparts
Another way, you can use the spark plug gapper to check if the gap is too big as it is worn.
When the plug is worn or damaged, it will lead to the engine misfire.

The "Plight" Sound of a Breaking-off Plug
So as always, you're so dedicated to maintaining your vehicle.
And today it's the time you're going to replace the spark plug as you sense it's failing.
Following the spark plug removal process you learned from the internet, you roll up the sleeves and get all the tools prepared.
Suddenly, you heard a "plight" sound of plug breaking off during the removal process.
Damn.....(sorry for my language)....
Now you have to find out the broken piece and clean the messy.

Why the spark plugs break off
When the spark plug is removed with excessive force, the broke-off appears.

Very possible, it's the ceramic tower or the metal finger of the plug may break.
If the ceramic breaks, which happens more often, simply clean off the broken piece.
And if it is the hexagonal metal body broken, you may need the remover to extract the threaded shank.

The spark plug may break off because of the following reasons.
1. The spark plug was installed with excessive force.
2. The spark plug was installed for too long time.
3. During the installation, the plug is over cross-threaded.
4. The plugs were installed with dirty threads.

We strongly recommend you to use our "broken spark plug remover" to extract the broke-off bits. (接工具賣場連結)
broken spark plug debris remover

And remember always to clean the plug threads and the electrode tips before installation.
It's even better if you can uses anti-seize compound to coat the threads.
This can definitely longer the plugs lifetime.

One of our mechanic friend suggested,
"DON'T leave plug debris stayed in your car and drive"!!

When engine is running, there is no chance the debris will stay on top of piston.
You never will know under the acceleration of the pistons, where will debris "FLY" to.
Maybe it will fly into the inlet our outlet port and hit the valve.
Maybe it will get trapped with cylinder bore and piston.
Either situation will cost you thousands for engine repairing.

Last and still not least, with the broken piece in the engine, you can't imagine where it will fall onto or what it will damage.
If you fail to retrieve the broken portion, we strongly recommend you to tow your car to the service center.



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