8 Car Noises You Shouldn't Ignore! Down timing chain replacement cost

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Here we're going to talk about some noises you better not ignore.

The ignorance of weird sound from car will only grows the serious peril. The grinding noise like marbles rolling in the engine chamber may remind you of timing chain replacement cost.

Take 2SZ-FE & K3-VE as example, this excellent car with stable quality reputation sometimes may encounter timing chain replacement and regular service to change brake pads. <GET: HJ-45001-B> 

Cars are like people, try to express her situation & feeling via sounds and talks. Below are some common noises tell you the problems are happening,

1. Squeaking & Screeching noise when accelerate: Very possible that you need change the belt. <4 Reasons why my car makes squeaking & screeching noise?> 

2. Hissing sound under bonnet: The coolant is probably leaking onto heated engine or the engine is overheating.

3. Backfiring sound while driving: The air & fuel mixture is too rich; this could be catalytic converter has malfunction.

4. Noisy bearing or whining sound from throttle: Time to check your turbocharger <Audi A4 A6 00-08 VW Passat Bad Turbocharger Symptoms & Replacement Cost> 

5. "Coughing" or "Sputtering" sound while you start the engine: It could be the sign that ignition coil has something wrong. <Bad Ignition Coil 5 common Symptoms> 

6. Roaring sound when accelerate: Check Transmission system or the exhaust system. Don't get them go worse, You wouldn't want to understand how much is the Transmission overhaul or repair cost.

7. Screaming sound when you make a corner turn: Very likely the steering column is wearing.

8. Grinding or scraping sound when you brake: Brake pads worn down already so noise came from the metal on metal brake system. Replace new pads at once! This is not only damage to your car but also a severe safety issue.

Some of these problems are slightly problems you can fix along with your regular maintenance service.
Some required immediate correction & resolution so contact your repair shops.



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